THE FESTIVAL / Abandon Normal Devices
Festival of New Cinema and Digital Culture
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Abandon Normal Devices
Festival of New Cinema and Digital Culture

23-27 September 2009 & 2011 Liverpool
April 2010, 2011, 2012 Cumbria & Lancashire
September 2010 & 2012 Manchester & Cheshire

Abandon Normal Devices (AND) is a new festival that welcomes audiences to experience the best in new cinema and media art in a celebration that spills from screens and galleries into the streets and imaginations of the North West. AND exists to create a space where artists and filmmakers can offer striking new perspectives, and visitors can enjoy, discuss and interact with ideas, in a festival that questions the normal and champions a different approach.

The festival will take place in Liverpool and Manchester on alternate years, with an extended programme in Cumbria, Lancashire and Cheshire. Expect an eclectic array of screenings, installations, online projects, public realm interventions, workshops and live events, with a distinctive emphasis on ideas and discussion.

The debut AND festival takes place in Liverpool 23-27 September. Pop it in the diary and please join us for five days of mind-blowing media art and cinematic shenanigans...


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