SCREENING: The Centre of Attention - Action Diana (12A)

SCREENING: The Centre of Attention - Action Diana (12A)

Sunday 27 September
Screen 2, FACT

Monday 28 September
* Please note that due to unprecedented demand, two screenings will now take place - 5.00pm & 8.30pm

Dir: The Centre of Attention / UK / 2009 / Cert. 12A

Artists The Centre of Attention have been creating a cover version of a classic feature film shot for shot using the people of Liverpool as the stars.

Experimenting with the notion of re-appropriation and re-mix, The Centre of Attention absurdly push participation into uncomfortable realms, questioning both the gallery as an exhibition space, and the poverty of video art in relation to cinema.

One of the Centre’s working principles is to use the moment of the exhibition to make the work, and, in this case, to use the gallery visitors and the spaces, to create a film which is both a documentation/series of portraits and an artwork. Contending that the exhibition as a display of inert, finished, closed product is tedious and something for the history museum, the artists have used the components of an exhibition to make intellectually complicated and aesthetically fresh and startling new work.

During March 2009 the artists were in residence at the new Art and Design Academy at Liverpool John Moores University, creating sets within the gallery space as a backdrop for the film. Gallery visitors, artists, curators and members of the public in FACT, Liverpool John Moores University and on the streets of Liverpool, were then given short scenes to enact. Rushes from the film were compiled on a weekly basis with participants able to view their performances on FACT TV.

The edited fine-art feature-length digital film will have its world premiere at Abandon Normal Devices at an inverted red carpet event.


Tickets available now on Picturehouse at FACT or at the Picturehouse Box Office at FACT (come in or phone 087-1704-2063).

Action Diana
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