SCREENING: The Kreutzer Sonata (18)

SCREENING: The Kreutzer Sonata (18)

Friday 25 September
Screen 2, FACT
£7.00/£5.00 (FACT Members and concs)

Dir: Bernard Rose / USA / 99mins / Cert. 18

Danny Huston sits on the bed, blood on his hands and calls an ambulance. From the opening scene it is clear that something very bad is going to happen. Spiraling round the epic themes of sexual possession and jealousy with a closeness and unease that only extremely good digital filmmaking can engender, Bernard Rose offers a follow up to Ivans xtc. that continues to push the envelope. It may be a modern adaptation of Tolstoy, but the worst urges of men remain undiminished.

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The Kreutzer Sonata
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